Recent recommendations have been made by the CDC and we wish to follow those recommendations. Medical grade items such as N95, FDA and NIOSH approved masks are meant for first responders and frontline medical staff. We have almost exclusively been selling masks to these groups (in cases where they have not been able to source them from their own providers). We have had family members buy these PPEs for loved ones that work in hospitals and emergency fields and have received many thank you letters in response. We cannot stop the public from buying these and we are advising them to make their own as per CDC website guidelines.


Some of our masks are FDA and NIOSH approved, and some of our more disposable products are not approved, but this does not mean they are fake or illegal – they simply cannot meet those strict guidelines due to their disposable nature. Disposable masks that are worn as simple face coverings by doctors and nurses, for instance, do not need to be approved – they also do not claim to be N95. Please read before you buy to make sure you are getting what you need.